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Dinosaur Zookeeper
Play Dinosaur Zookeeper game as a Dinosaur Zookeeper and take your fledgling dinosaur park from empty and safe to full and incredibly dangerous. Place new dinosaurs in the park at night. Draw fences around them to keep the bloodbath at bay.
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Game reviews

Angel (4 year ago)

once the brachiosaurus comes im done i cant pass it

wow (4 year ago)

stegosau glitch

The Om (4 year ago)

WOW! I really like this game it makes you be creative but the only thing I dont like is that for me it lets me place the dinosaur but then doesnt let me put fences.

Once that brociaosaurus comes its game over (5 year ago)

That brociaosaurus
Gets on my nerves

samantha (5 year ago)

this game is amazing, but the only problem that i have is that it keeps stopping and never goes back

wfcwd (5 year ago)


gigi bubblez (5 year ago)

it keeps freezing.

leigh (5 year ago)

of the first week*

leigh (5 year ago)

for some reason once it hits thursday the game freezes and you cant place your dinosur down

Oppie2 (5 year ago)

you cant start this game, and its cut of!

madelyn (5 year ago)

big glich

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