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Butterfly Kyodai
Flit and frolic with fantastical feats of matching mastery!Click on open pairs of butterfly wings to clear them from the board in this Mahjong-style matching game.
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i love you kiss kiss (9 year ago)

i love my littel pony

it coud bing beter but is oky (9 year ago)

all you do is find pares so this is why

Anonymous (9 year ago)


Anonymous (9 year ago)

It would be more fun if the clock just kept running until you finished. You could try to beat your own score and could play the game at an easier pace.

anna (9 year ago)

love love love this game

ratan (9 year ago)

i wish i could restart the game where i reacheched instead of starting from begining

ani (9 year ago)

its an amazing game

Best Game (10 year ago)

<a href="http: //butterflykyodai. org/">Butterfly Kyodai</a>

pinkcanna (10 year ago)

i wish you could restart at the level you last reached, rather than having to start right at the beggining each time. also, i just finished the whole game, but i can't submit my score (

rabi (10 year ago)

best game butterfly kyodai

navya (10 year ago)

Its an game which each child should play. Its an awsome game. I love it. This game is like an chess. Its an mind blowing!

sajida (10 year ago)

wonderful game Ilove this game.

butterfly kyodai games /8 month age (10 year ago)

bahut accha games hai mujha bahut pasan hai

beautiful (10 year ago)


beautiful games ali (10 year ago)


Anushka Shine (11 year ago)

Very sharp game and its my habit to play this game sevrl time at my office time even when I m too much busy.

kyodai butterfly (11 year ago)


Belinda (11 year ago)

This game is very good very for your skills . It keeps your mind and eyes sharp . I love it.

pinkcanna (11 year ago)

love the game. wish there was a 'replay level' option when the game ends

CometJoy75 (11 year ago)

i love this game, i just wish it wasn't a timed game.

butterfly kyodai game (11 year ago)

Bahut accha game hai mujha bahut pasand hai

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