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Princess Dress-Up
The young princess was excited to attend the feast. She had been looking forward to this day for weeks. She knew that there would be many other princesses and princes there, but she was determined to make a grand entrance. She wanted to be the most beautiful princess of all. She spent hours choosing her outfit. She wanted something that would be both elegant and eye-catching. She finally decided on a gown made of shimmering gold fabric. The gown was cinched at the waist with a jeweled belt, and it had a long, flowing train. She topped it off with a sparkling tiara and a pair of glass slippers. When she was finally finished getting ready, she stepped out into the hallway and took a deep breath. She was ready to make her debut. She walked into the ballroom and everyone stopped to stare. She was even more beautiful than they had imagined. The other princesses were all jealous of her, and the princes were all smitten. The princess danced all night long. She had the time of her life. She knew that she would never forget this night.
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